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Forex Karma Guide Report, Issue #001 -- teaser here
February 18, 2009

So What is Forex Karma Guide?

This is Ratna Lama writing to you regards to forex trading robot.

We have insatiable thirst, and unquenchable hunger for success -name it money, power, relationships, sex, or health in general. However, very few actually about three percent of the total population ever achieves such a status of the foremost success in lives? Interesting enough! Why only three percent? How can a person achieve the kind of success he/she always dreamed of?

I confess to you that I do not have the authority to map your success blueprint and hand it over to you. I do have PhD (=Public High school Diploma) and MBA (=Massive Bank Account) but still you are your own foremost authority when it comes to creating your success blue print or money blue print. So donít take all my advices for granted. Everyone must find the light of their own life as Buddha said to his disciples in his deathbed. All I can do is to relate my experiences on how I overcame the most formidable barriers of my life to achieve the dream that I always had.

So as to speak, are you a dreamer or a doer? A dreamer can be a doer but there is a subtle difference. One must clearly align to the role of a doer if a person wants to make an insane amount of money or achieve the kind of success that only three percent of the population ever achieves. A dreamer is one who is always in ready, aim and ready situation. On the other hand, a doer follows Nikeís advice: Just Do it? When it comes to trading forex, you can be either dreamer or doer. But let me break the news, only doer will make insane money. By the way forex is like a double sided sword. Make sure you stick to forex karma guide for prosperous trading.

Forex Karma Guide:

1. Feed the right wolf: Within all of us exist constant battle between two wolves: First wolf is the source of jealousy, anger, frustrations, hatred, arrogance, inferiority, greed, and the second wolf is the source of kindness, humility, love, hope, trust and compassion. Feed the wolf that you want to become. Read the books like ďThink and Grow RichĒ by Napoleon Hill.

2. Believe in abundance: If you must achieve success in life you must believe in it first. This universe is a big place for every one of us to carve our inane niches and create our own spaces. Believe itís out there for you. Some will find it in painting, some other in singing. Some will find in college degree, some other in asphalt rocks. Go get find your niche and carve it for the rest of the world to admire you. Watch the movie ďThe SecretĒ by Rhonda Byrne

3. Set your Plan and Trade your Plan: Even though robots outperform humans in gaming or trading, you are the one who sets the plan. You are the captain of your destiny. Donít assume robots are smarter than humans or else they wouldnít need you. Assume the risk on your portfolio that you can bear to loss Ė not a penny more! A good thumb of rule is to assume risk no more than five percent of your portfolio. For instance, if you start with $2500 deposit, then DONíT risk more than $125 Ė not a penny more!

4. Be a leader. Have a clear direction of trading. Even though forex robots are designed to maximize profitability, no such 100% fool proof forex trading robots exist. Not as of this writing. Draw trend lines in daily, four hour, an hour and half-hour charts to determine the long term and the short term directions. For instance, daily chart will display long term direction whereas half hour charts determine short term directions. Plan your trade accordingly. Now you donít have to draw the trend line every hour. Once a day or at least couple times in a week is a must to check the market direction.

5. Are you a Goal Setter or Goal Quitter? Set a goal. A long term goal. If you want to trade forex to become insanely rich by next week, sorry itís not going to happen. If you happen to break my prophecy I would love to hear.

Start with demo account. Always, always recommended to newbie and seasoned pros. When you feel comfortable start with mini account of five hundred dollars. Remember to follow five percent rule. Let the account grow in time while you mow your lawn, play with your kids and party with your wife.

Let the law of compounding working in your interest. Just because you made easy hundred and twenty five over night while you were dreaming of vacation in Anguilla beaches, that doesnít mean you should spend all your funds for vacation. Donít withdraw any amount from your trading account until it grows five times. Itís doable sometime within days or weeks. Let the ball keep rolling. Look for the days to 6-7 figure check in your way.

6. Do you fear your mistakes or embrace lessons from your mistakes? Not all trading robots can trade with 100% accuracy. If someone claims it does, then immediately contact your lawyer to draft a bill of a million dollar. Yeap, a million dollar forgery claim. So have patience and learn from the past mistakes. An old manís saying is worth mentioning here: What separates wise person from the crowd? Itís his ability to learn from the past and other peopleís mistakes. Get it? Now say to yourself, ďIím wise, I bow to wise, and Iíll become one.Ē

7. Share this message not because it changed your life but because you can bring changes to other peopleís life too.

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