Is Fap Turbo Scam?

If you google "fap turbo scam" you will find plenty of bad reports about fap turbo on the web. This can be credited to many features.

First, a hypothetical claim that any one can make money simply by plugging fap turbo robot is absolutely misleading. It takes more than just plug and play to make money in forex trading.

Sound forex education is absolutely crucial and there is NO...No...NO substitute for it.

Unfortunately the creators of fap turbo are making such hypothetical claim which is tragic. Instead this robot should be marketed only as an assistant to seasoned traders.

But my personal thought is that it will be just too hard to sell the robot if you market it merely as an assistant.

Second, traders and users of fap turbo are driven more by mere greed to hoard bucks quickly. Instead fap turbo users should consider it as an assistant and not as a holy grail. Or else fap turbo scam report will cover the entire cloud.

Third, 99% of the preachers who promote, gossip and write about fap turbo scam in forums, social media, and various other electronic media are affiliates and not traders. So true reports on fap turbo performance can not be measured properly through traders community.

This in turn boost more media negativity. In fact when I googled "fap turbo scam report" I was amazed to find websites dedicated on these scam reports. But the irony is that such websites also provide affiliates link too. So the motive of such website is dubious.

Personally, I have tested fap turbo for my own personal real live account. I continuously tweak settings for optimal results.

I should say the results are satisfactory considering the long hours it liberate me from having to glue to my computer 24/6.

I prefer short term scalper strategy over long term advanced FAP strategy. And short term scalper strategy trades during night (GMT) which is when I will be sleeping. So it's not bad to collect few pips every now and then when I am sleeping.

But dodge this - I do not and will not depend on it to make me filthy rich. And I also suggest you do not to entirely depend on it to make you filthy rich when you wake up in the morning. It just ain't gonna me!

Invest your time, money and energy in forex education. And you will definitely get good return on your investment.

Fap turbo stands out in member support and tech support among other robots that I have personally tested.

So the million dollar question is - is fap turbo scam or not?

Only you can speak for yourself.

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Ask questions in members only forums and verify for yourself if fap turbo scam reports are authentic.

Fap Turbo Forums

Fap turbo forums are designed to help members only. Any general questions can be asked through fap turbo forums.

The good thing about this forum is that members can help other members. This helps to create help and be helped environment.

Members can access fap turbo forums through fap turbo parent website. Click Here

Fap Turbo Support

Fap turbo support is carried out primarily via email and member forum.

Any questions should be directed to support e-mail:

Members can access to member's only forum and ask any questions.

If you need phone support try calling one of the following lines but line is usually busy and directs you to voice message.

Free Tel Support: from Monday - Friday

Working hours: 6am - 3pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

  • Line1: +1 619-202-4138 Mo
  • Line2: +1 619-207-4330 Grace
  • Line3: +1 619-202-4308 Michael

Third party paid support is also available through Fapwinner LLC by calling at +1(708)279-7241 (7 a.m-4 p.m. CST Mon-Fri)

Note: Support through Fapwinner is optional and is offered at additional cost. If you need extra support with a first priority you can order this FAPTURBO Premium Support Package from Fapwinner LLC which provides technical services in FOREX EA market, EA setup, and support for various Expert Advisors.

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Fap Turbo Results

Fap turbo results are displayed in its parent website under back-tests and real live account.

Be aware of the difference between fap turbo back-test results versus fap turbo results that are based on real money or live account.

Fap turbo back-test results are experimental results based on historical data. Even though back-test results seem to give glimpse of what the real account will look like, it is not quite convincing.

Many robots seem to excel in back-test results but they fail when traded with real money account. So for safety it's always imperative to analyze live account results.

Fap turbo results based on live account are tested with real money. Live account can be justified through third party to verify claims its preachers and creators make about its performance. Hence it's more convincing.

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