Does Forex AutoPilot System (FAPs) Make Money?

When trading with forex autopilot system robot, a trader could make some money or make no money at all and even loose money.

In forex trading nothing beats sound forex education and personal trading experience.

So do not get fooled that anyone can simply make tons of money simply deploying forex autopilot robots.

It needs more than just army of forex robots to make money in forex.

Sound forex education combined with forex autopilot trading system can make you money.

Without sound forex education expect to make a little or nothing and sometime even be ready to loose money in forex trading.

Forex AutoPilot System (FAPs) Fact Sheet

  • The forex autopilot robot was optimized for the best performance on EUR/USD 1 minute time frame (M1).

  • Professional forex trader Marcus Leary and his team developed the forex autopilot.

  • Download Forex Autopilot System

    Download Forex Autopilot System

  • FAP system serves over 25,000 members.

  • Forex autopilot robots monitor the market situation 24/5.

  • Forex autopilot software is a script (plug-in) for Metatrader 4/5 and can be run only inside Metatrader 4/5 software.

  • Metatrader 4/5 platform should be running on all the time in your computer or on Virtual Private Server (VPS) for forex autopilot system to make trades.

  • Forex autopilot trading system is based on several modern indicators such as: Alligator, Fractals, DeMarker, and William's Percent Rate.

  • Forex autopilot does not use a fixed stop loss parameter to prevent losing trades. The creators of forex autopilot robots claim that this "no fixed stop loss" approach yields greater results in numerous back-testing and as well as on live tests.

  • The FAPs featuers Money Management (AutoLot feature), Trailing Stops, and can trade with other EAs or manual orders.

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